As a lifelong fiscal conservative, I understand that every dollar spent by the city government has come from the taxpayers. I managed departmental budgets in the corporate world using zero-based budgeting ... basically building a budget every year from scratch. So I know how to analyze expenditures and get the best value for our citizens.

Budget oversight is one of the principal functions of the city council. It is incumbent on an elected official to question spending to be sure that your money is being spent wisely, and on things that benefit the community. 

We have an outstanding city staff that has managed your money very well, particularly in lean years. They've made difficult decisions that were necessary to keep the city solvent while continuing to provide essential services. I look forward to working with the staff to assure that our city remains on a firm fiscal foundation, and will listen to the citizens' ideas about how they want their money spent. 

Paid for by Tom Patton for Neptune Beach City Council, Seat 4